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On behalf of myself and our extended family, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the care and attention you and the Normanna staff have and continue to give to my mother, Mary.

The recent outing to the dance studio covered by TV and the press could not have been more fitting.  Your efforts in that regard are a testament to how fortunate Mary is to be in your care.  I cannot imagine another care home being so thoughtful and compassionate.

All the best for the holiday season.

13 December, 2018

Shawn H

“I don’t have enough words to thank the staff for their care, compassion and friendship.  They made our lives good, especially during Tony’s last 5 days.  I moved into his room and lived with him until the end.  They treated Tony with great respect and kept him relaxed and comfortable, and treated me like a queen.  Staff from all over the building came in to see Tony each day, as did some of the residents.  It may sound strange, but I enjoyed those last 5 days with Tony.

Because of this wonderful staff and their care, Tony passed quietly and peacefully.  I could ask for nothing else.  Thank you”.

Phyllis G

I was impressed today by the welcoming attitude of the staff and how they all seem to enjoy what they do.  It is obvious to me they have a great working environment and the residents seem relaxed and happy with their surroundings.

Suzanne E

My Mom has been at Normanna close to two years.  Every time, I visit her, I feel very overwhelmed with the service and care they have given my Mom.  I also see how caring they are to other residents.  They make jokes and laugh with residents.  I even heard one staff ask a resident “would you like me to paint your nails?”

Although, residents can be demanding and ourselves too, they manage to handle the situation with a smile.  They are able to let me know what my Mom needs or what is happening with her. Any supplies needed, they are on top of it to let me know. They don’t waste things. For example, one staff told me “don’t throw away the shampoo, there is still some left, we will squeeze it”

My Dad was in a long term care home and has passed away. I thought that care home was good.  It was very clean. But, the staff was not as friendly or caring.  I don’t see any sign from any of the staff from Normanna that “it is a job.”  I see that it’s more than a job for them.  They actually enjoy the job.  Seeing that, I feel that my Mom is in good hands. I don’t need to worry about her care. She will get it. I have heard other stories from relatives and friends that have their loved ones in care homes. It’s not good news.

I don’t know or understand why Normanna’s staff is so different from others.  But, please continue the way they are.  They are doing a good job!  Whatever, you are doing, it’s working. Please pass this message onto to them.

I sometimes, verbally tell them that they are doing a good job!  I am glad that my Mom came to Normanna!

Kim C & Family

The nurses and staff at Normanna are amazing.  They have been taking good care of my mom, as well as other residents, with genuine care and love.  I am happy with the level of care and facility at Normanna and wish for its continual success at providing good long term care.

Sam C

Although my wife Olga has been a Normanna resident for a relative short period of time, I wish to express and share my gratitude for the unexpected high standards of resident health care and professional services delivered by all Normanna staff I have been in contact with.

From my observation, it is refreshingly uplifting and enlightening to experience the compassion, devotion, dignity and respect in which the care is rendered.  It is hoped that this degree of nursing care provided, encompasses the philosophy of the entire Normanna team throughout.

If so, then it shall be recognized that this social environment forms the fundamental principle of the integral home care reasoning, and gives rise for inspiration to others in the awareness that may revive faith in human kind, but more importantly, promotes patient empathy and this is comforting for me to know.  It also induces trust, gives emotional strength and reassurance to every human soul facing these endeavors of patient care.


Dietrich P

I am very grateful for the care and attention my mother is receiving.  Especially for the kindness shown by staff.

Mike H

I just wanted to personally thank you and all the staff at Normanna for the wonderful care and support my dad received in his last months. Everyone was so thoughtful, attentive, patient and good at their job. I am also so grateful for Ken, the night nurse, who called me to let me know that Dad was not doing well and gave me the opportunity to say my last goodbyes and to hold my Dad’s hand as he passed away.

Warm regards, Ming

Ming S

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you provided for my mother.

All the care aides provided my mom with warmth, love and respect while dealing with her needs.

I wanted to give special thanks to Virginia who went above and beyond to make my mom feel like part of her family. My mother always mentioned how wonderful the staff was and how much they helped her.  I would alsolike to give special thanks toDr. McAnulty and nurse Marissa during the last days of my mom’s life.  They were compassionate, caring and informative at a very difficult time.

Thank you again for all the support and care you provided to my mother and me. It meant a lot to be able to share conversations openly about end of life care .

Warm Regards


Kirsty W

The care here has been fantastic for Ken & family.  Our thanks to all the Solheim staff.

Joanne H

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