Normanna Professional Services

Professional Services

Normanna provides numerous professional services for our residents. Services include the following:

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Dental Hygiene Services

Hummingbird Hygiene and Silver Valet Dental Care provide dental oral care services.  Residents are provided scheduled visits and can also request a visit for emergency or private visits.

On-site as required for privately scheduled visits (Discuss requests for private visits with the Nurse or Reception)


Foot Care Services

Tippy Toes Foot Care Nurse provides relaxing foot care services for our residents

On-site every 8  weeks and as required for privately scheduled treatments (Discuss requests for private treatments with the Nurse)

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Mobile Eyes Optometry provides in-home quality eye care and glasses

On-site every twice a month (Discuss requests for services with Nurse or Reception)

Pharmacy Services

CareRx provides prescription medicine services for residents. Nurses and Care Coordinators assist residents with medications.

Can be reached at location of pharmacy See reception or the nurse for contact information

Music Therapy

Note by Note provides exciting and soothing music therapy for the residents

On-site Mondays Tuesdays, Thursdays  and Sundays for residents participating in the music therapy program (See reception to enroll. Participation fees apply)

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Salius Physiotherapy

provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation services for the residents

On-site Tuesdays or as scheduled for private treatments 3 Hours per week (Discuss requests for private treatments with the Nurse).

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Yani Mobile Hair Stylist provides hair services for residents to stay fresh and maintain their hair or grooming needs.

Onsite every Friday (Discuss requests for specific appointment with Nurse or Reception).


Angel Food Services LTD.  provides dietician services for all residents.

Tuesday and Thursday

Location & Contact
Dietician’s Office, Normanna 1st Floor Vestheim

604-522-5812 ext. 2241