They are doing a good job!

My Mom has been at Normanna close to two years. Every time, I visit her, I feel very overwhelmed with the service and care they have given my Mom. I also see how caring they are to other residents. They make jokes and laugh with residents. I even heard one staff ask a resident “would you like me to paint your nails?”

Although, residents can be demanding and ourselves too, they manage to handle the situation with a smile. They are able to let me know what my Mom needs or what is happening with her. Any supplies needed, they are on top of it to let me know. They don’t waste things. For example, one staff told me “don’t throw away the shampoo, there is still some left, we will squeeze it”

My Dad was in a long term care home and has passed away. I thought that care home was good. It was very clean. But, the staff was not as friendly or caring. I don’t see any sign from any of the staff from Normanna that “it is a job.” I see that it’s more than a job for them. They actually enjoy the job. Seeing that, I feel that my Mom is in good hands. I don’t need to worry about her care. She will get it. I have heard other stories from relatives and friends that have their loved ones in care homes. It’s not good news.

I don’t know or understand why Normanna’s staff is so different from others. But, please continue the way they are. They are doing a good job! Whatever, you are doing, it’s working. Please pass this message onto to them.

I sometimes, verbally tell them that they are doing a good job! I am glad that my Mom came to Normanna!

Kim C & Family